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Let’s Talk About Wax Seals

One of my favourite trends in wedding invitations right now are wax seals. They take a simple wedding invitation and turn it into more of a traditional, luxury feel. There are several different ways you can incorporate wax seals into your invitation – let’s talk about a few!


Sealing the Envelope

When you first think of wax seals, most clients automatically think of having it seal the outer envelope. While we love this option, you also need to consider how it could potentially get damaged at the post office. When doing this option, you need to ensure you ask the post office to hand cancel each envelope. Hand cancelling is usually done by a machine to make sure the postage can’t get reused. Though with a wax seal, the machine could rip off the seal or damage the envelope. Hand cancelling means a real human will more carefully go through each envelope and stamp over the postage. Even though you ask for hand cancelling, there is always the risk that it goes through the machine anyway. Many clients have had success with using wax seals on the outer envelope, though there have been just a couple who have had wax seals ripped off.

One way to prevent his is by doing a regular outer envelope, and having an inner envelope addressed to each guest with a wax seal – think of it as two envelopes!


Vellum Overlays

Another trend we have been seeing are wax seals to seal the vellum overlay closed. Vellum is a translucent paper (think parchment paper) that covers your invitation and encloses all your cards. It’s a great option to hold your rsvp card and envelope, details card, etc. all in one place. The wax seal keeps this closed, and it’s a nice little treat when you pull the invitation out of the envelope.



One other option to keep all your cards together and complete your suite, is to add ribbon. Some like to have it tied in a bow (don’t forget that’s extra postage!), others like to have a thin ribbon tied with a wax seal. It’s such a simple, yet elegant touch to your invitation.

They come in so many different colours you can pick from to match your invitation suite, along with different shapes! We can do square or round shapes, choose from different sizes, I usually stick with 1 inch.

Do you love wax seals as much as we do? How would you incorporate them into your suite?