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What Printing Method is Right for You

When it comes to designing your wedding invitations, the printing method can make all the difference. From the standard digital printing to letterpress and foil, I’m breaking down the differences so you can see what fits best with your overall vision and esthetic. I have partnered with several different print shops to always offer the highest quality printing, no matter which method you choose.

Digitally printed invitation on off-white cardstock with gold text

Digital Printing

Price Point: $

The most common printing method for your invitations. This is printed on your standard digital printer, with cardstock paper. Paper options range from smooth, pearl, textured or cotton cardstock. Due to the paper needing to be fed through the printer, digital printing cannot print on very thick paper or handmade paper.

To get the handmade paper effect, deckled or torn edges can be done, preferably on cotton paper to get the closest look to handmade.

Letterpress invitation on cotton cardstock with gold text

Letterpress Printing

Price Point: $$

Letterpress printing is one of the most elegant and luxurious printing methods. Letterpress is when a custom plate is made with the imprint of the design and pressed onto the cardstock. Ink colours are mixed by hand and placed on the press while the plate presses into the paper. One thing to keep in mind, due to the ink colours being mixed by hand, the more colours, the higher the price goes. This method is more expensive than digital printing due to a plate needing to be created for each paper, and being more labour intensive. Since the printing is done on a press, thicker cotton cardstock is highly recommended to get the deepest impression.

Letterpress is the only printing method that can be done on handmade paper. It also pairs nicely with gold foil and can be done hand in hand.

Hot Gold Foil Printing invitation on cotton cardstock with gold text

Hot Foil Printing

Price Point: $$$

Foil printing can come in a variety of colours and can be paired with digital or letterpress printing. Like letterpress, a plate has to be created for each card and an impression is made onto the cardstock. It’s not as deep of an impression as letterpress, however, it can be paired together where you have accent words in foil (for example, couple’s names). Foil gives a true metallic look to your invitations, while letterpress is opaque. This method is more on the pricier side due to a specific type of plate needing to be created for the hot foil stamping.

Hot foil stamping comes in a variety of different colours from gold, rose gold, champagne, copper, silver, black and white.


Photo Credits: Hubbub Paper

Not sure which printing method you want to go for? I’m happy to make recommendations based on your overall design and aesthetic! There are many different details to keep in mind when choosing your printing method.

My favourite embellishment for wedding invitations is an upgraded printing method. It takes your invitation to a completely different level and provides that wow factor when your guests open your envelope.