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Acrylic invitation with forest green envelopes, white ink printing and wax seals

Acrylic Invitations

I’m seeing so many more inquiries for acrylic wedding invitations and I’m not mad about it! Acrylic invitations scream luxury, it’s such a unique experience for your guests when they open the envelope and expect paper, only to find something completely different.

There are a few different things to consider when looking to purchase acrylic invitations and I’ve broken it all down for you.

The Invitation Studio - Acrylic Wedding Invitation with Wax Seal

Photographer: Agatha Rowland Photography

Important things to consider

As beautiful as acrylic invitations are, there are a few tips that you might not consider when you’re looking to order them.

  1. They come in a variety of thickness. The cheaper the acrylic, the thinner they are meaning some could actually be bendable. I generally order 2mm or 3mm thickness to ensure it’s not bendable to continue with that more luxury experience.
  2. You will need custom envelopes made, or at least an envelope liner for an extra cushion. Regular envelopes are rather thin, they work great for cardstock invitations, but for acrylic, you need some extra security so it doesn’t shatter. There are a couple of options:
    1. Custom made envelopes out of cardstock that are made slightly bigger
    2. Envelope liner and a vellum wrap to add extra support
    3. Custom boxes that fit the acrylic invitation perfectly inside
  3. Your invitation suite will absolutely require multiple stamps and can go up to 4 or 5 stamps depending on how many cards you have and the embellishments. I highly suggest getting these weighed at the post office prior to putting all your stamps on
  4. To ensure they are safe when shipping, it’s best to ask for the envelopes to be hand cancelled, this means they won’t be going through the regular machines that all regular envelopes go through.

Acrylic invitations are absolutely worth it, just keep in mind these tips when deciding if you’d like to move forward!


Photographer: Nicole Amanda Photography