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Wedding Day Stationery

Bring a touch of style and elegance to your wedding day with custom signage and stationery.

​From place cards with meal choices to menus, seating charts, and custom signage, we like to tie the design all together to compliment your wedding decor.

All designs are started six weeks before your wedding, with printing two weeks ahead of time so you’re not rushing the week of your wedding! If you’re looking for a unique printing method, we may need to start a little earlier.

Minimum investment: $500

Our Stationery Design Process

Step 1: Contact

Fill out our inquiry form so we can better understand your stationery needs. Please provide as many details as you can to help us understand your vision. We do require at least six weeks before your wedding day to begin production – though it’s best to book a few months in advance to reserve a spot in our calendar!

We will create a custom quote with our ideas that we can review together in a consultation, over the phone, or by email. Once you’re happy with the proposal, we require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.

Step 2: Design

Once we receive your contract and deposit, we will set you up with a client portal where all your proofs, questionnaires, and emails will live – no more searching through your inbox to find an email from months ago!

We like to start all the stationery and signage proofs about six weeks before your wedding. This begins with a questionnaire for all your details. Once submitted, we will send you your design proofs within approximately seven days for any feedback.

Step 3: Production

Once the design has been double-check and approved, the remaining balance is due and we begin the production. We always aim to have everything ready for pick up the week before your wedding to avoid any last-minute rushing. If you aren’t located in Ottawa, we will ship everything directly to you.

Wedding Day Stationery Checklist

Place Cards

If you are assigning guests a seat or giving a meal choice option on your invitations, you will need to get place cards made up. Though assigning seats isn’t the most exciting task, there are benefits! This lets servers know who is getting what meal and who has any allergies. You wouldn’t want your guests allergic to garlic to be returning their meal and eating late because the server couldn’t find them. There are so many creative ways we can make allergies and meal choices known on the place cards that aren’t just coloured dots glued on the corner of the card!

Starts at $1.50 each


We personally love knowing what I’m going to be eating and how many courses will be served. This is not a necessity, though it’s a nice personal touch to your wedding! We can even go as far as to create custom menus with your guest’s name and meal choice on it. Those who are getting beef will have a different menu than vegans. Plus this also adds to your decor and looks so great in photos!

If you prefer not to have one per guest, we can also make one per table or leave a sign on the bar.

Starts at $2.00 each

Ceremony Programs

If you are planning on having a unique, long, and detailed ceremony, programs are a great touch for guests to follow along. These can include the schedule of the ceremony, introduce your bridal party, and possibly have some fun facts or a game while guests wait for your wedding ceremony to begin. For outdoor weddings during the summer, we can always create the programs to duplicate as a fan!

Starts at $2.50 each

Favour Tags

If you are giving away favours for your guests, a personalized thank you tag on each gift matching your invitation and wedding stationery is a perfect touch! Depending on the gift, there are a variety of designs and styles from stickers, tags with ribbon, or a framed thank you sign on the bomboniere table.

Starts at $45

Table Numbers

If you are creating a seating chart, you definitely need table numbers. Lets throw away the ugly white table numbers on metal stands and do something creative that fits within your wedding theme and decor. There are so many different options from tent card numbers (we could always put a menu on the back too), frames, plexiglass with vinyl numbers, etc.

Starts at $2.75 each


There are a ton of options when it comes to personalizing your wedding. From vow books to personalized napkins, we are always happy to create something unique specifically designed for your wedding.

Investment varies
Reception name card - gold wax seal with leaf impression - Stonefields Estate - Ottawa Wedding - The Invitation Studio - Day of Stationery - Wedding Stationery - Kelsey Coles
Pink Tablescape - Stonefields Estate - Ottawa Wedding - The Invitation Studio - Day of Stationery - Wedding Stationery - Kelsey Coles
Pink Menu Reception - Stonefields Estate - Ottawa Wedding - The Invitation Studio - Day of Stationery - Wedding Stationery - Kelsey Coles

Wedding Day Signage Checklist

Seating Chart

If you are assigning your guests a table, a seating chart is a must! There are several ways we can be creative and really bring in the design from your invitations or wedding decor. If you have a smaller wedding, you can organize the chart by table. For larger sized weddings, I would highly recommend organizing your list alphabetically to make it easier for your guests.

Starts at $150+

Welcome Sign

Totally optional, but a great personalized touch to let your guests know they are in the right place for your wedding! There are lots of different options and details that can be included from your names, wedding date, schedule of events, or an arrow to point guests in the right direction.

Starts at $100+

Unplugged Wedding

Who really wants to get their professional photographs back of the ceremony and all you see are your guest’s cell phones trying to get the best picture? Unplugged ceremonies are so much more popular. It’s a kind way to let your guests know to keep their phones in their pockets and just be present.

Starts at $100+

Other Signage

Choose a Seat not a Side

Bar Menu

Mr and Mrs Signature Drinks

Directional Signage

Please Sign our Guestbook

Personalized Guestbook Sign

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